The chosen site is found next to the river Spree in a quiet area on the south east side of Mitte. It sits within a small cluster of embassies with good connections to the rest of the Latin American diplomatic missions as well as the main clusters of 'influential' embassies found in this district.


Historically the river Spree was a major trading route and for a long time played a key role in the development of Berlin's Industries. One of the main reasons for choosing this site was its location next to the water which connects it to various prominent sites in Berlin such as the parliament buildings (Bundestag and Reichstag) and also Museum Island, along with the site of the much debated Stadtschloss (City Palace).


The site sits within a network of embassies, with Brazil & Angola next door, the Dutch Embassy across the water and with the Chinese, Turkish and Australian Embassies no more than two blocks away. The site finds itself in quite a central spot and a point of confluence in its diplomatic context. The proposal would include the construction of a pedestrian bridge where the Waisen Brucke (Orphan Bridge) once stood, allowing better connections to both the Dutch Embassy and the City Halls towards Alexander Platz.


Before the Second World War the site was occupied by a Business Trading Centre with the Markisches Museum, a museum containing the history of Berlin, next door. Both buildings were badly bombed during the war and only the Markisches Museum was restored.

When Berlin was a walled city in the 17th and 18th centuries, the site was located next to one of the gateways into town, this is where trade would be controlled.



A compilation of photos taken in and around the site, both day and night, designed as a spectrum of texture and colour. The greyness comes from the river, the buildings and the weather, the green from the site, which is covered in trees and shrubs. The rest of the colours come from textures found all around the site; the tower blocks on the east, the surrounding embassies and buildings from different eras, the industrial chimneys, the peaks of various landmarks popping into the skyline, the birds, the boats, the red brick and copper roof from the Markisches Museum, the people walking along the promenade. A small chunk of city with a diverse urban 'ecosystem'.