The nations of the Tropical Andes are some of the biggest exporters of raw materials and agricultural products in the world. Everything from; oil and gas, to minerals and metals, to fruits and vegetables are extracted from this area and supplied to the global market.

Collectively with Brazil, they are also the guardians of an ecologically bio-diverse 'hotspot' which houses the last remnants of Tropical Rainforest and the largest freshwater network along the basin of the Amazon River. The term biodiversity was first invented to describe this region as it has the highest concentration of wildlife, active volcanoes and indigenous groups per surface area than anywhere else in the world.

With the relentless need for the "growth" of nations, this region's precious resources are exploited and then sold cheaply to the "developed" countries. Lately the environmental and human casualties of this economic model have been gaining a spotlight in global politics (most recently in the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen 2009). An embassy that represents these nations in Berlin would be the first step in providing a stronger presence and influence on how the trading of such goods is managed in Europe.