Take some space,
introduce objects
or boundaries,
the space
between them,
defines their relationship,
and this in turn,
re-defines the space.

The applied art piece continued the exploration of space using light and poetry.

Poetry can be used as a way to subjectively map a space or place.

Each line of this poem refers to space and light.

Shadows can be interpreted as the manifestation of the space between light and dark.


"Cold Dark Matter
is the material within the universe
that we cannot see
and cannot quantify.
We know it exists
but we cannot measure it.
It's immeasurable, unfathomable."

Cornelia Parker



Image left: Cold Dark Matter



Through her work, artist Cornelia Parker concerned herself with formalising things beyond our control;


"containing the volatile and making it into something that is quiet and contemplative."
(Firth Street Gallery, London)


In her piece Cold Dark Matter she has used light and shadows to express and define a certain aspect of the space that surrounds things.

To the left is the work of Sam Winston, an artist whose explorations into language and literature questions our understanding of words, both as a carriers of messages and as information itself.

This particular piece is called Space Between Words. He has taken newspaper columns, cut out the words and re-defined their character by shining light through the voids.

"...this piece is no longer about the actual words. Instead I was implying that the 'space between the words' is where our thoughts take shape."

(Sam Winston)

Both artists have addressed the physical (blown up shed, papaer and words) and nonphysical elements (light, shadows), as a way of "mapping" and analysing the shape-shifting character of the space between things.


From research into artists whose work tries to define space, and a previous installation which used material and colour to bring awareness to the space we occupy; this piece focuses on the shape shifting character that light and space can have on objects, with shadows becoming the physical manifestation of the play with these elements.

Within a dark room, boundaries or objects with the poem spread across them were introduced into the space. The words were cut out and light was shone through the voids.

Before the final installation was built, a scale model was created, allowing for the experimentation with light. Colour light was used but proved to be lacking in intensity and did not appear to be enhancing the piece.

As the light shines
through the voids
the character of the poem
is re-defined
by the space
across which it travels.