“I learned that I don’t want to be at war with myself. I used to think I didn’t want to be at war with other people, who does… but you can’t win the fight with others is you’re battling against yourself. I learned I can embrace life and enjoy it. I can learn from the good, not just the bad, and I can direct myself where I want to go.”

Jason Philips


“Thank you very much for this experience today. For as long as I can remember myself, I had this constant trouble with the idea of the body. Not so much of the way it looks but rather how it represents me. It felt like my mind and my body were disassociated with each other. A constant battle, this had led me to various practices, such as self-harming, overeating, underrating. Just generally ways that would hurt my body. Today, you helped me to understand that my body is not my prison. My body does not carry errors. The mind carries it around. The mindfulness helped me to understand I am more than my body. Thank you for bringing this peaceful feeling out :) “



“Firstly I was reminded of my playful self, which I sadly tend to neglect in my everyday life. Secondly, I was confronted with a fear that I have been battling with over the past few years one that I ignored for a long, long time. Namely the fear of the authentic self and sharing that authentic self. The safe space created here today was like a message, a reminder - be your true self. Thirdly, it is nice to be reminded that all of us feel, at times, unworthy or not strong enough! Thank you for this experience! I feel overall - much better now.”

Katie Webb


“Eileen has a beautiful nature. The energy she brings is very special. Making you feel like you can accomplish anything. Her way of helping guide you through the process is subtle, loving and fun. Very special day. Thank you.”

Neil Young


“Firstly, I would just like to thank you for this experience. I don’t think I have felt anything close to today before. Thank you for helping me to open my mind, and realise things about myself I had to discover. Water does not flow the same way twice.”



“I feel after today’s session a real sense of closure. I have felt warm, safe and secure today, also very open. I take a lot from today that everyone is messed up on some level as me and that you are never alone! I feel an afterglow already, like a non-drug-induced consciousness altering experience was had. I am aware now of the possibility / need to revisit some of these other realms, taking the power back to my daily life, and to unleash the creativity I have deep down.”

Ian MacLennan


“I found peace by finding my path I was once on. I now understand that where I was four years ago was a strange place that I didn’t truly want to be but I was blinded in the pressures of society.”



“I relived an experience I had while on LSD through meditation that I have never been able to before, and I will from now on thanks to your help :). It was a really good experience at a hard point in my life, and it was good to tap into that again and repeat that happy, de-stressed self. I feel a lot less anxious and stressed after being here today, thank you.”

Dionne Grimshaw


“I named some of my companions, those entities that live within and encountered them with greater awareness. I put on paper the images which I held inside for a while - it shifted something in me. I received energy that helped me find freedom.”

Luiza Dezor