Photo by  Kyle Kesterson


For the past decade Eileen has been working in the fields of Architecture, Art and Design where she has managed large and small scale multidisciplinary projects that bridge these fields with neuroscience, psychology, health and technology.

Eileen was born in Ecuador in 1986 and has been living in the UK for 22 years where she studied Architecture, Art & Design at Edinburgh University. Since 2007 she has also worked for a number of award winning practices on large and small scale architecture projects in both the private and public sectors.


Currently Eileen is working as Director of Spaces for Wavepaths - a team of scientists, technologists, designers, psychotherapists and artists on a mission to improve global wellbeing by making transformative experiences widely accessible. Led by design and rooted in science, Wavepaths develops ‘Experience as Medicine’, provided through a new category of mobile tools and urban spaces.

She co-designed and produced the first Wavepaths space in Brick Lane London, due to open April and May 2019 - a sanctuary of calm and a retreat from modern life’s demands with a supportive environment for deep introspection and emotional reconnection.


In August 2018, she co-led an art, music & neuroscience expedition to the Tayos caves in the Ecuadorean amazon jungle with the aim to bring attention to the need for their protection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and help build a global network of guardians for this fragile landscape - free from the threats of mining, deforestation and human harm.


In 2015 Eileen co-founded Open Close with Tamsin Cunningham. A collective of artists, architects, academics, musicians, scientists, web developers and fabricators united by an interest in how we can creatively redefine overlooked or undervalued places and spaces.

By exploring peoples’ emotional connection to place through multi-disciplinary art, architecture, neuroscience and sound installations, Open Close aims to promote and encourage greater engagement with both the urban spaces and natural landscapes around us.