Photo by  Kyle Kesterson

Eileen is a Creative Director, Artist and Explorer. 

In 2015 she co-founded Open Close with Tamsin Cunningham, a collective of artists, architects, academics, musicians, scientists, web developers and fabricators united by an interest in how we can make better creative use of the overlooked spaces around us. By exploring peoples’ emotional connection to place, Open Close aims to promote and encourage greater engagement with the public and natural spaces around us.

This summer Eileen is co leading a landmark science & art expedition to the Tayos Caves in the jungles of Ecuador, following her father's footsteps in the exploration and conservation of this extraordinary underworld. This time the Open Close Collective will take a group of artists, architects, musicians, filmmakers and a neuroscientist to explore the cave system alongside the scientific team led by Theo Toulkeridis who is pushing forward a bid to protect the caves under UNESCO World Heritage Status.